STEVEN STEEL & STACK THE RIPPER started METALOCITY in October 2011 to create the ultimate Metal fan show on the new home of Metal Radio, and to be able to bring independent and local Metal bands to the air and metalheads everywhere, when the idea was presented by Max “ManJewky” Wallis, owner of Kosher Metal.

Internet radio is a great medium to do uncensored, free-style interviews and bring them to the metal audience in a real and true way. We wanted METALOCITY to feel like the home of metal, and for our guests and listeners to feel like they were just hanging out.

Overtime, having hordes of listeners in dozens of countries fueled our drive to have a broader reach, and to deliver to them truly metal guests. Listeners enjoy Metalocity because of our unique brand of satirical mayhem. Guests have a good time on the show because we extend a laid-back metalhead dialogue unlike traditional formats.

As the Dudeist Priests of Metal, Stack & Steel join forces to infuse a casual setting with the genuine spirit of Metal and then broadcast the madness for all to hear, every Thursday night.


METALOCITY is not responsible for the ludicrous ravings of our on-air personalities and guests.

The entirely incoherent ramblings, babbling, gibberish, and jabber-jaw chatter should not be confused in any way by any sane and logical person with talking or communication.

We are not in any way attempting to engage our listeners. Or discuss, confess, consult, conference, counsel, parley, pow-wow, tell tales, make remarks, criticize, gossip, or blather about anything real or fictional.

Only an idiot would believe we are serious.


CALL IN ON AIR: (805) 409-8585
TWITTER: @Metalocity

We accept submissions by Email. Read the important info on our SUBMISSIONS page before sending in your tracks.